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Ain't No Love is the New Hot Single by Kashques from the Album due to be released on 9/23/2016 by Kashgang Richfield Inc LLC. Ain't No Love the hot single title and release date speaks for itself says "Kash" , but we will let our Fans and Listeners be the spokesperson for the Release of Kashgang Richfield Inc Kashques "Ain't No Love"


Ain't no love where I'm from just goons and gangsters, niggas who excluded making moves with wanksters ,niggas who Bangin and Famous Armed and dangerous ,y'all hear what the fuck I'm saying ............Kashville TenAKee North South West and the East BHB YEA I'M BLUNT HILL BALLN STREET SCHOLARS AND STREET SCHOLARIN GOT THEM PEPS KALLN FOR THIS AND THAT.. BITCH KASHQUES PUT HIS SELF ON THE MAP AND I B DAMN IF ANY NIGGA SAY HE DID THAT, THAT'S BULLSHIT..BITCH NIGGAS I'M GETTIN FULL HERE AND NAW WE DON'T ULLL HERE ,BUT WE ON THAT SOLIDER BOY, RIDING AROUND WITH FULL CLIPS, FULL ZIP..LOCK BAGS OF GRASS ,GLASS, BLACK BAGS WIT KASH IN BLACK Mangums ON Assassins Flashing Splashing yea it's Kash Man.

Hook Ain't No Love where I'm from just goons and gangsters, niggas who excluded making moves with wanksters, niggas who Bangin and Famous Armed and dangerous y'all hear what the fuck I'm saying, (repeat) 2x

Verse 2
Let me tell you about my city dog We talked about it and we living raw and uncut like pure cocaine yea that instant drain hoe SO Don't blame us IF YOU SERVE US AND WE COME BACK THROUGH THAT SAME DOOR FOR THAT SAME DOE WE JUST SPENT, YEA WE SHYTY LIVING RIGHTEOUS, WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE DEFINITION OF NIKE Nigga I Kill Everything, and I'm from the home of the titans where niggas ain't Mike Tyson Meaning we ain't Biting, so come with that BULLSHIT if you want we got super size CLIPS on us fuck the trunk and what's a pump to a A-R AYE Y'ALL WE DON'T PLAY AT ALL AND WEKeep grinding Tell them stacks Is Yao Ming tall But no basketball money Just don't money Street money X money sex money and respectIs the only thing on my list after loyalty and bangin my set, which is that E. SP Eastside Skyline Pire Suwoop .....